Credi Response – The Most Powerful Facebook Outreach System Invented!

Credi Response is a 100% Facebook compliant software (SAAS) as your service using the new Facebook technology to monitor your Facebook pages and posts, and send a direct message automatically to anyone who leaves a comment on your posts.

Credi Response Overview

What Is Credi Response?

Have you ever walk into a store? As soon as you seem interested in something, an assistant walks up to you and offers to help you, explaining to you all the salient features of the product you’re interested in.

Bet you’ve ended up buying a lot of stuff that you wouldn’t have bought if that one person hadn’t approached you.

You can’t do that on Facebook, right? Even with Chatbot technology the person must start a conversation with you (and who ever does that?) before you can talk to them.

Well, that just changed.

Introducing: Credi Response

Credi Response is a 100% Facebook compliant software (SAAS) as your service using the new Facebook technology to monitor your Facebook pages and posts, and send a direct message automatically to anyone who leaves a comment on your posts.

The message pops right up on the screen and the person receives an audio alert and a Facebook notification.

How Does Credi Response Work?

Special Features of Credi Response:

Add Any Facebook Fan Page

that you’ve got management rights on. You’ll see a list of all the fan pages in your account that you can select from.

Set Page Level Responses

Want to set a response that’s sent for every post on your page? Yes, that can be done. You can set a page-wide response that’ll be sent no matter what post the visitor comments on.

Set Post Level Responses**

You can also set specific responses for specific posts. Post responses will override page wide responses if any are set. Which means your customers don’t feel spammed.

Rich Reporting

See which pages are generating the most activity and which days are more active with the rich reporting system.

Optional Delay

Want to send a reply / reminder 2 hours after the person posts the comment? You can do that only with Credi Response!

100% Inboxing & Popup Message

The message you send will be delivered to visitor’s Facebook inbox, and a message box will pop up on the screen. You get 100% inboxing rate!.

Credi Response can also:

·Sends a personal message to anyone who comments on your Facebook post.

·100% automated. Just set up the message and It’ll be sent on autopilot.

·Send information, website links, or anything else you want.

·100% Inboxing rate along with the message notification graphic and sound!

·Set up page level response, or specific responses to posts.

·Personalize with client name, date, day and more!

·Supports spintext so that you can make every message unique.

·Supports delay, so that you can schedule a message for minutes our hours after the client comments.

How It Works:

Step 1

Add Your Fan Page

Step 2

Set A Response

That’s it..!!

Who Should Use Credi Response?

Facebook advertiser who wants maximum returns

Ecommerce Seller looking to boost sales

Brand trying to build recognition and engagement

Product vendor trying to provide better support

Facebook Fan page owner seeking to grow your page.

Content creator seeking to inform your audience

Even if you’re a totally new marketer who hasn’t even placed a single ad on Facebook, or posted a single fan page post, you still need Credi Response before you start. With Credi Response, you’re simply going to go faster through the earnings barrier.

Why Should You Get Credi Response Now ?

Here’s The Credi Response Advantage

No matter what you’re trying to push on Facebook, and what your marketing strategy is, your Facebook marketing needs this tool.

You already know Internet marketing isn’t easy, and there are a ton of sharp brains out there, trying to cash-in on every single advantage, every inch of advancement they can gain.

If you’re not one of them, you’re going to be the ones that are left behind.

Face it! This technology is hot. Both you and your competition are eventually going to use it.

The question is.

Who is going to be first?

Better be you, because it doesn’t get any easier than Credi Response.

And now you can put your Facebook business on the fast track

·Stop worrying about how to build a better rapport with your best leads and customers.

·Stop wondering how to find the people who are truly interested in your services and can become loyal customers.

·Stop living with poorer sales and conversions because your customers don’t know you, or feel they can’t trust you.

·Stop losing customers due to poor or unresponsive support.

·Stop making less sales because you couldn’t convert customers who were on the edge.

·Stop getting lesser value from your content and advertising dollars.

And now after revealing all the features inside Credi Response, they are not about to stop there. They are including a very valuable bonus, designed to enhance your result with Credi Response.

Exclusive Bonuses From Credi Response

Bonus #1: FB Money Monster

Discover the secrets to using Facebook the right way for success in your business! Use Facebook to whip your market into a money machine.

Bonus #2: Web Traffic Tsunami

Leverage the power of traffic today and say goodbye to all other traffic methods! Sit back and learn some real traffic methods today! Increase your website traffic 10 fold!

Bonus #3: Azon Riches

Inside this video series, you are about to learn the most amazing and essential information so you can start selling immediately on Amazon and make money by leaps and bounds.

Bonus #4: Reseller License to FB Leads Discovery

FB Leads Discovery is a PHP script that you can install on your webserver and get free hot leads for absolutely any niche. When someone clicks on your lead ad, a form opens with the person’s contact information automatically populated, based on the information they share with Facebook, like their name and email address.

Bonus #5: White Label License to WP Content Spread

Automate the process of curating the latest, trending and engaging content from Facebook pages for your WordPress blog and engage your visitors better, while Google will crawl and index your pages instantly.

Bonus #6: White Label License to WP Content Star

A highly customizable WP Plugin that curates high quality content for your blogs from Facebook pages on autopilot. Also it allows you to share the same content on your LinkedIn, Google Plus and Twitter profile.

Bonus #7: White Label License to FB Bar Jeet

Fb Bar Jeet is a stealthy plugin that helps you send boatloads of targeted clicks. With Fb bar Jeet you will be able to drive the traffic wherever you want it to go. Drive traffic anywhere with that you want with a sneaky fun trick. The stealthy plugin will help you send lots and lots of targeted clicks to any offer be it your own product, CPA or affiliate offer.


If you’re still on the edge about Facebook marketing and haven’t been able to scale up your ad spend / content marketing because you are not generating enough customers, get Credi Response!

Credi Response, you’ll be converting more visitors into customers and getting better returns on your spend. Maximize things!

This might be just the thing that can boost things to the level when your marketing is profitable and scalable!

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